Because those those who wish to be vaccinated against COVID have, generally speaking, had time to do so, St. John’s has relaxed many of our COVID protocols at this time. We welcome everyone back to worshiping in person. The CDC has a ‘COVID-19 Community Check Level’ to help communities and individuals make decisions based on their local context and their unique needs. You can access that information immediately below this paragraph. Using a mask and social distancing are choices that members make for themselves.



We have services each Sunday morning at 10:00am.  Our current understanding is that there is a very low risk of transmission of the Corona virus from contact with surfaces, but there is evidence that COVID-19 is airborne.  With this information in mind we do not disinfect seats/hymnals/etc, between services but do keep the church sanctuary closed during the week to allow any virus time to settle from the air and break down. 


You may bring your own hand sanitizer, and we have pump bottles of hand sanitizer available at the entrance to the sanctuary.




We do pass offering plates as part of the service, but also offer a chance to give online at




Communion is offered on the first and third Sunday of the month. Both common and individual cups are offered.   Please contact Pastor if you would like to have private communion, especially if you have any health concerns.


How can we help serve you?

We are aware there are some of our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ who dearly would like to return to the in-person worship they are most familiar with. If there is anything we can do to make you more comfortable with attending, please contact Pastor or the elders and let them know.