What does it mean to be a church? (2020-05-09)


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My dear brothers and sisters in Christ,
I continue to rejoice in the goodness and mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ, who continues to bless, forgive, and sustain us even in the midst of times of uncertainly.


A number of people have reached out to me this past week, asking when we will start having church again.  Meanwhile the Texas District has cancelled the Theological Convocation they hold each year for church workers to continue their education and training, the LWML Texas District has canceled physically gathering together in Corpus Christi in June, and our Seminaries have moved their Workshops from gatherings around the country to an online platform.


I would remind everyone that in spite of not meeting together in person, we are indeed having church. As Lutherans, we define church as the place where ‘The Gospel is rightly taught and the Sacraments are rightly administered.’ (Article VII  of the Augsburg Confession).   While the format we use may change, especially during this time, our Lord Jesus is still in charge and still active. We will continue to proclaim the Gospel – currently we primarily use the Radio – and offer communion regularly.  As your pastor, I am delighted to consider any form of bringing the Gospel to you and our neighborhood. If you have an idea for a format we can use, please feel free to contact me and share.


As for meeting in person again, the elders and I are meeting this week to develop the guidelines and plans to do so. As I wrote last week, we will not rush into gathering in person, but will lay the groundwork for everyone’s safety for when we do. We will communicate with you the timelines as we develop them.


This is a short message this week. I ask that you join with us in worship on the radio this Sunday. Links to the bulletins are found at the top of this email.


Please, do reach out to me with any concerns, questions, prayer requests.  If you or anyone you know needs financial help with groceries, medications, utilities, please let me know.


I remain your servant in Christ,


Pastor R.W. Lutjens
St. John’s Lutheran
Wharton, TX